Slow work ahead

4 04 2010

Ok, so I made this decision that I would spend all day friday working on the Mermaid with the expectation that I could get the aft stay fixed up, the brackets on the boomkin need repair along with the tension wires connected to the boomkin. Hmm, solid plan.

It took all of ten minutes to remove the stay brackets (top and bottom) I got things looking good, so off I went to the marine store about two blocks away from where I have her anchored and of course. they didn’t have anything in stock that would work, so the drive began. I spend the rest of the day shuttling between marine stores and welding shops. Oh well, lets see what happens on monday.

The first photo is of the top of the boomkin and the aft stay connection. The second is the bottom of the boomkin where the part I have to replace is still on there. The third photo is of the bottom of the mast, just because I had it, I thought I ‘d post it.

The fourth photo is of another Seaforth at anchor across the river from mine. The more I see of this classic little boat the more I like it. Can’t wait to get mine underway with wind power.




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