An easier day than expected

25 08 2010

So the Mermaid finally rose again, thanks to the help from my freind David. Pumping the water out was easier than I expected and she floated with out problems, so my hopes were high. I did notice that the water seemed to rise as we motored towards the boat ramp but I tried to imagine the best. However, once we got the boat on to the trailer and pulled from the water, the damage became evident. It looks like a piece of the aft keel was ‘cut’ from the boat, probably from the motor the guy had on it rubbing against it when the motor was turned. The hull finally gave in either because of the rocks or from excessive wear. Judging from the damage, I would guess it finally gave in due to age of the fiberglass. Never the less, she’s sitting in the parking lot at the apartment looking pretty sad. First order of buisness this weekend is to clean her up some and start some of the prep work to repair the ouches.




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