The damage that cause the problem

25 08 2010

Looking at the aft end of the keel showed the fiberglass actually ‘scratched’ or ‘cut away’, probably from the motor that the guy had on it. I don’t remember what size he said he had, a 40 hp I think, but it was to big. Eventually, the thinned hull gave away, whether it was because of the rocks or the age of the damage finally giving away, it finally stopped blocking the water. So I’m thinking I should consider repairing the damage and adding a metal (stainless steel of course) guard, or cover to the area just to prevent future damage. Granted, I only have a 9.9 hp motor, but it also rubs against the keel when I try to turn the motor.

I’ll try to add some photos of the Mermaid out of the water, more to test the edit ability of the blog.

Ok, we’ll try adding them here.

As you can see, the trailer needs some work so the boat fits safely (I was driving about 15 miles an hour for the 7 miles between me and the boat ramp) so it wouldn’t take a spill. The first order of business this weekend is to get it to the car wash and get it cleaned up. More later.

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