Remodel, refit and repair

31 12 2010

So it’s been a while since I entered,,, an entry,,, so here’s a quick update on what’s happening with the Mermaid.

I’ve stripped a lot of the fittings and started cleaning her up in anticipation of new paint.

I’ve gotten started on repairing the breach in the hull, a couple of layers of new glass layed, or is it laied? A freindly neighbor who has access to heavy glass mat will be dropping some off for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to push forward with that on Monday. I plan to lai, or lay, about 7 to 9 layers of glass before the painting begins.

I’ve been thinking about replacing the teak on the weather decks with oak, mainly because of availability and cost, but also the light colored wood would look really nice on the dark sapphire blue that I’m thinking about using for the topsides. Beige non-skid on the decks will lighten up the appearance some. Much of the teak gunwale trim is gone, the toe rails are in pretty bad shape and the boomkin could use some TLC, and oak has always been my favorite wood.

Interior has some distance to go, for now I’m just making it quick and livable. I plan to redo the interior next year (actually fall of 2011 since it’s almost 2011 now.) I’m planning on using the teak that’s in there since it’s in reasonable shape. I just pulled out the teak trim and cleaned it up today, once I oil it, it should look real pretty. The rest is mostly cleaning with some paint to make it livable and that’s all for the interior.

I hope to post some photos over the next couple of days.




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