Photos of what I’ve been doing

1 01 2011

Here are the afore mentioned photos of what I’ve done to the Mermaid over the last couple of days.

 I used epoxy putty to fill in the dings and gouges in the hull. One patch still needs some major sanding, the others (lower left in the photo) are pretty well ready for primer and paint.

The port side kitchen area before cleaning and painting. You can see the discoloration and stains from the previous submarine adventures.

The aft bulkhead after cleaning and painting. Looks lots better, don’t cha agree? I’m thinking about painting this bulkhead a really nice caribbean blue. Maybe not, but I do have the paint left over from another project, so maybe yes.

Port side seat/bunk with the new hatch cover primed and in place.

New cafe style doors covering the access ‘hole’ to the engine room/bilge. I decided to go with cafe style doors thinking that it will be easier to access when underway or when there’s lots of ‘stuff’ on board. This hatchway will be behind the ladderway when everythings done.

Starboard before cleaning and painting.

An overall view of the aft bulkhead before cleaning and painting. It’ll look better after. What do you think? Caribbean blue?

Ok, so they could be sorted better, but the it takes longer than I want to put in on organizing a blog. So this is what I did today. Most of yesterday was spent cleaning, stripping hardware and cleaning.

Here is a photo of the hole in the keel with a couple of layers of fiberglass over it. A freindly neighbor is going to be getting me some commercial grade glass mat. I plan to put a total of about 8 layers of glass to keep the water and bilge rats out. With the commercial grade (used in the boat building shops for hull construction) the last 6 layers should be enough to keep the urchins out.

Now, what to do to it next… Bottom paint will be coming at the end of Jan., topside paint I hope to have by the end of Feb. Major interior rebuild will be put off until the end of the year. It’s always tricky writting that during the transitional period of the year, did I mean that to be 2010 or 2011? What date did I put on that check today? BTW, notice the 1/1/11 date today, only once in a millenium can you do that. The next time, 1/1/2111, I hope to be working on another boat 🙂




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