Love Bugs and Sanding Dust

17 05 2011

Ok, so I’ve been neglegent in my duties as skipper and yard bird. But it’s getting done slowly and surely.
Here are some photos of the duraglass topping. The hull repair went really well, the duraglass curing predictably and timely, sanded and shapped, good job. The cosmetic repairs above the waterline, well, it’s a learning curve afterall. I didn’t get enough hardner mixed in and it wasn’t setting up the way it should have. After consulting with a body guy who knows glass work, I began scraping the non-hardend filler out. But, after several days of procrastination, I went back today to scrape more out and presto chango, it was hard as a rock and wonderfully sandable. So now instead of a pile of rubbery filler, it’s a nicely filled repair job now. Had to fill in some gouges with epoxy filler to smooth it out, but it’s getting there.
I hope to have a couple of quarts of paint at the end of next week and I can start putting some topside paint on over memorial weekend. That’s the hope anyway.




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