And then the rain came….

27 05 2011
So the last two days I’ve gotten more done than I have in the past few months. Borrowed a generator from a freind so I got the sanding done above the water line in record time. Turned my attention to the cockpit late yesterday and today. Got some of the wood sanded and all of the cockpit, except under the benches. I think I’ll leave that as is for now. I plan to do more work to the cockpit this fall.
Port sided bulkhead

Port side bulkhead


Cokpit all painted

Cockpit looking port forward.

Starboard cockpit forward

Forward bulkhead from the cockpit, starboard side.

Starboard bulkhead

Starboard bulkhead


Teak seat slates

Teak seat slates


Interior bulkhead

Interior bulkhead

 So after I got the paint on the cockpit, I wrapped stuff up and went in for lunch. Whilst partaking in a well deserved snooze following a bit to eat, I noticed this odd sound coming from outside. I dashed to the porthole and what did I see? The heavens had opened up and dumped the sorely needed water upon us. What of the paint job you wonder? Well, the paint had plenty of time to dry so it’s just fine.



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