Topside paint – a masterpiece

23 06 2011

Ok, so I got the topside painting done, ready to start putting the hardware back on. Since I don’t have the wood for the rub guard just yet, I decided to paint a strip to help improve the appearance along the hull joint. I went with Navy blue since I plan to paint the bottom blue (has nothing to do with my old alma matter US Navy…) I think it looks pretty spiffy. I hope to get the bottom paint on sometime over the next couple of weeks. I will have to rebuild the rudder, but I knew that going in. I’m also adding a bow spirit to the bow (it would look pretty questionable at the stern) and I’m building a new boomkin out of oak. I’m hoping it will work out ok in the long run.

I’m liking it so far. Also, and this is the exciting part, I plan to replace the cleats on the foward cockpit bulkhead with pin rails and belaying pins. It should add some old salt charm to the mighty gal! They’ll be made of oak, each 16″ wide with three belaying pins in each. There being two pin rails, one port and one starboard. I plan to use one for the main and the other for the jib, probably port being jib, not sure that’s the final deck plan, but it’s the working version for now.

Now for the hard part, where to find a Mermaid figure head that fits my vision and budget.

She’s a fine looking vessel…..




One response

15 08 2011
Ben Piazza

Captain Rocky,
I’m the son of a son of a sailor (if you catch my drift) and the sea is in my blood. I’ve recently had the opportunity put before me to purchase a Seaforth 24 that was roughed up a bit by Katrina. I was wondering if we could chat via email (or however you prefer) about the intricacies of fixing up a vessel such as this. My email address is I hope to hear from you soon!

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