Long hiatus

18 08 2012

Ok, so it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here and I need to bring it up to date, just in case someone is actually reading this.

The Mermaid has undergone an amazing transformation the last few months as I’ve modified her rigging and purpose in life. She’s being changed to a pirate sloop, the rigging is being changed to a lanteen rig. This version is for show only as she’ll be powered by an outboard for most manuvers, but I hope to secure the rigging in such a way that she’ll be able to sail under the lanteen rigging. I’m loving the way she’s looking currently and hope that she’ll look just as lovely once the mast is up (this mast is a show mast only.)




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13 09 2012

Both motors that I’ve used are short shaft motors. Long shaft would be better but short shaft works fine.

22 08 2012

Thanks for the info.. should have asked one more – can it handle a short-shaft motor? It seems like it would work fine, given how low the motor well is and how shallow drafted the boat is, but I can’t do any measurements because the boat isn’t here yet!

22 08 2012

I would say a 7.5 would be perfect. Enough power to get there today and small enough to fit in the well.

22 08 2012

Okay then.. perhaps my father’s old 7.5hp is a good option – he has been trying to get me to purchase that for years. Do you charge your batteries with an alternator off the engine?

21 08 2012

Hi Michael,
I use a 9.9 evenrude on mine. I’ve used a freinds 5 hp and it moves me around ok but the first day I had her underway, the 5 hp couldn’t push against the wind and I ended up doing a jig upon the whitecaps. The 9.9 pushes us along very nicely.

21 08 2012

Most assuredly, someone is reading! I just acquired a 1980 Seaforth 24 in NH and will be taking delivery this week!

I’m curious what sort of outboard you’ve powered her with – I’m thinking of a 4.5hp. I’ll be using it 95% of the time just to get on/off the mooring or putter home if the wind dies so I don’t expect to need much power.

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