About the Captain of the Mermaid

Ok, a small bit about me. A career in the US Navy gave me a love of the sea. After I retired, I tried to return to Colorado, but it’s to dang cold there, so I moved back to Florida. Except for the short three years I spent in Colorado, I’ve been in Florida since 1991, and I have no intentions of going north again, except to visit. Maybe Boston, I love the chowder there, or ratha the chowda!

My goal is to acquire a larger, live aboard boat, something around a 35 to 40 footer, that I can single hand through the caribbean. I spent a large chunk of the 1980’s in the caribbean and I would really love to return there for my twilght tour (former sailors will know what I’m talking about).

Will dive for food.

I love to spend time in the keys, usually Key West.

Captain Rocky at the tiller of the Mermaid


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